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There are three four types of links in the CMS:

  • Internal External Links
       Links to Content Types created within content outside the CMS (PagesBlackboard, FormsMaineStreet, GalleriesYahoo!, etc.)External
  • Internal Links
       Links to content outside Content Types created within the CMS (BlackboardPages, MaineStreetWebforms, Yahoo!Galleries, etc.), as well as files
  • Links to files within the CMS
       Links to files (PDFs, spreadsheets, documents, etc.) that have been uploaded to the CMS
  • Links to files within the CMSAnchors
       Links to files (PDFs, spreadsheets, documents, sections within a single page

Some content types (such as Staff and Faculty pages, Slideshow Images, etc.)


have fields for links which must be entered manually, and which are not validated by the system

  • External links must be fully qualified
    - Remember to include the "http://..." prefix
  • Internal links must use the external facing URL
    - "", NOT ""
    - To get the external facing URL, open an IE browser window and navigate to the desired content without logging in