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titleChanges for Responsive Theme

Office Hours now have 3 new fields that are only used by sites using the Responsive Theme:

  • Location (optional)
  • Contact Phone (required)
  • Weight (required)

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titleToday's Hours

Groups may request the option to display their currently published Office Hours in a "Today's Hours" block above their Quick Links. Current Office Hours Exceptions will also show, when relevant. If the Office Hours page is unpublished, the box will disappear.

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To get this functionality, make a request with the Help Desk.

Office Hours

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The following fields apply to Office Hours

  • Title: (Required)"Office Hours" is the default
    • Changing this title will change the title on the
  • Date Range: (Required)The range of time these hours are valid for
    • This may be set for a year or more at a time
  • Sunday: (Required)Simple text entry of hours
    • Ex: "8:00AM - 4:30PM"; "Closed"; etc.
  • Monday: (Required) Same as above
  • Tuesday: (Required) Same as above
  • Wednesday: (Required) Same as above
  • Thursday: (Required) Same as above
  • Friday: (Required) Same as above
  • Saturday: (Required) Same as above
  • Exceptions: List of currently published Office Hours Exceptions
    • Select all that apply

Office Hours Exceptions

Exceptions for vacations and breaks Office Hours Exceptions (for vacations, breaks, or other times an office is closed) can be entered ahead of time to display beneath the Office Hours. If no Exceptions are published, the Exceptions section of Office Hours will not display.

The following fields apply to Office Hours Exceptions

  • Title: (Required) Brief title of exception
  • Date: (Required) Enter the  The date range which the Exception applies to
  • Hours:(Required)Simple  Plain text entry of hours
    • Ex: "10:00AM - 2:00PM"; "Closed"; etc.