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titleQuick Links and Resources


  • Quick Links: A brief (2-4) list of links your audience is currently looking for
  • Resources: A list of non-time-specific links your audience is currently looking for

NOTE: Each content type is a formatted bullet list, rather than a collection of individual links. To edit one or more links, you need to access the whole list.

To edit:

  1. Go to the Group Content List
  2. Find the desired content type (tip: Filter on "Quick Links" or "Resources")
  3. Click the title
  4. Edit as normal
    1. Title: For internal reference only
      1. The groupings are always titled "Quick Links" or "Resources", respectively
    2. Body: Use the Text Editor to create bulleted lists of links
      1. The CMS automatically converts the bullet format into the line-separated format that displays on the published version

      2. See Managing Links for instructions on creating the various link types
titleJump Pages

To avoid extremely long lists of links that run down the side of the page, consider grouping related links on Jump Pages.





replaced by Department Navigation Additional Links

As of Fall 2016, Slideshow Slides are no longer part of the standard site content and will not be displayed, even if published. If your site has old Quick Links or Resources in your Content List, they may be deleted.

For current and future sites, use the Department Navigation Additional Links.