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  • Title:(Required) "Office Hours" is the default
    • Changing this title will change the title in the Today's Hours block
  • Location: Rich text field for any location-specific information
  • Contact Phone: (Required) Plain text field, max 255 characters
  • Date Range: (Required) The range of time these hours are valid for
    • This may be set for a year or more at a time
  • Sunday: (Required)Simple text entry of hours
    • Ex: "8:00AM - 4:30PM"; "Closed"; etc.
  • Monday: (Required) Same as above
  • Tuesday: (Required) Same as above
  • Wednesday: (Required) Same as above
  • Thursday: (Required) Same as above
  • Friday: (Required) Same as above
  • Saturday: (Required) Same as above
  • Exceptions: List of currently published Office Hours Exceptions
    • Select all that apply
    • If no Exceptions are published, this field will not display
  • Weight: (Required) Order of Office Hour links in the Today’s Hours block (used when the site has multiple locations)