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Department Carousel Slide exampleImage RemovedThe Department Carousel Slide is a new content type that is used to populate the subsite homepage with informational or promotional content within a carousel widget. (Alternately, promotional content may also be displayed in the Department Information Block areas of the homepage.)


Department Carousel Slide exampleImage Added


Action Items

  • Before June training:
    • Plan how you will organize your site's promotional content using Department Carousel Slides.
    • Assemble images and develop caption copy for each item.
  • After June training:
    • Create new Department Carousel Slides on the live website as needed.
    • Add information to the following fields as needed:
      • Title: required, up to 60 characters
      • Image: required, minimum dimensions 910px x 575px
      • Caption: required, plain text field of up to 200 characters
      • Button Label: optional, select list of text options:
        • Learn More

        • Read More

        • Register Now

        • RSVP Now

        • Apply Now

        • Buy Tickets

        • Get Started

        • Browse Courses

        • Sign Up Now

      • Button Destination: optional, plain text field of up to 255 characters. The button will only display if both the Button Label field and the Button Destination field have values.

      • Weight: required, used for the slide order
    • Save changes and publish. Items will not be visible in the live site but will be visible on the beta server during the Beta Review period.