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Let's build a WorkCenter!!!

  1. What is a WorkCenter?
    “The PeopleSoft WorkCenter Framework focuses efforts on daily tasks and arranges work into
    groups and pagelets that reduce navigation time and let you get down to business.”   -Oracle
  • It puts an end to long navigation by organizing application pages into one central location

  • It can group MaineStreet pages, queries and external sites into one area so the user can perform much of their work in a single WorkCenter

  • It can be built/maintained by functional users with minimal assistance from the development team.

Some examples:

Admissions | Add/Update New Applications


Self Service | Retirement Guide

Another WC | At Some Point

Guidelines for building a WorkCenter

  1. Determine if a certain work process is a good candidate for a WC.

  2. Discuss the idea with your counterparts at the other UMS institutions to see if any are also interested in utilizing the Center.

  3. Create a sub-committee which includes the person who will actually build the WC.

  4. Develop a design that is as close as possible to what you are looking for in a WC.

    1. Determine which MaineStreet pages you want available in the Center.

    2. Are there any queries to include?

    3. Are there any outside links that would be helpful such as a link to the College Board website?

  5. Determine how you want your Center organized. Options include a simple list of links or sections broken up into folders. The flow is important to the end user so their input is helpful at this stage but know that it can be changed during the testing phase.

  6. Begin creating the WorkCenter building your Navigation Collections and Pagelets. See Create WorkCenter for specific instructions. 
  7. Submit a JIRA ticket to have the Landing Page created. Include in the ticket the following information:  Click here for example

    1. Name of Navigation Collection

    2. Pagelet Name

    3. Name of the link people will navigate to (example: Non-Degree Admit WorkCenter)

    4. Menu navigation to where the link should be found. All will start in “Main Menu > University of Maine System >”. The rest to be determined by the work group area (admissions, student financials, student records, etc)

    5. Text that you want to appear on the landing page. This can be instructional or just an explanation of how the WC is to be used. Click here for example

    6. The Role* that allows access to the WC page.

  8. Once the Landing Page has been created, set up the Manage WorkCenter Page attaching your WC to the new Landing Page. See Create WorkCenter for specific instructions. 
  9. Test…test…test...
  10. When everyone is satisfied with the WC, update the JIRA ticket letting them know it’s ready to move to CSPRD. The only part(s) that will actually move are the Landing Page and the new role, if one was requested. The WC itself does not move. You will have to rebuild in CSPRD.

  11. Put in the request to have the new role assigned to the people who will be using the WC.

* Each new WC must be attached to a role so people can access it. The role can be unique to that one particular WC or it can be used for multiple WCs. In other words, if Student Records has a three WCs, one role can be set up to allow access to all three or each can have a unique role. Keep in mind that your security officer will need to assign the role to the people who will be using the WC.

Links to resources pages…..coming soon

Staff Resources:

******reference history only******

  1. How to go about requesting a WorkCenter?
    1. Need steps outlined here
    2. Need example of planned out 'prototype' or general layout
    3. Need examples of Navigation Steps 
    4. Need example of JIRA request for landing page
    5. Need listing of desired people to have said functionality
  2. How-To Instructions for Functional Users that will be building these
  3. Resources and/or Where to get help?
    1. Contact info for myself, Emily, Janet, and Linda

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