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  • Connecting Remotely with Viscosity OpenVPN

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If you have been provided a Hardware Authenticator, then instead of configuring Google Authenticator you will be asked to provide the serial number of your authenticator to associate it to your account.  The serial number should be entered exactly as shown, including any leading zeros.  From there, you will be presented a challenge to prove that you are the owner of the token and if successful it will be enabled for your account.

Concurrent usage from multiple Machines

In order to use an OpenVPN profile on multiple machines at the same time, you need to create multiple profiles. Multiple profiles can be members of the same groups. 

Login to and go to Profile configuration.  You should see a clone button next to your existing profile. (Group memberships are preserved.)  Click Clone, and a newly name profile will be created.

Configure your second machine to use the new profile and you should be all set.  The machines will get different Ip addresses.

Linux Users

The Viscosity client is for Windows and Mac only, however the OpenVPN service supports the open source OpenVPN client and can be used on Linux.