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  • Catalog Changes for Spring 2017

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  • On March 31, US:IT must remove the Catalog Editor role from Halen Earlefrom Halen Earle all users assigned that role.
  • Catalog Managers continue to make changes until May 1 (extended from historical March 31 deadline)
  • On March 31, Karin Pires should review the List Department Content view to check how many Catalog Pages/Degrees are NOT marked as ready and communicate this to Catalog Managers, as deemed relevant
    • Repeat weekly or more often, as deemed necessary
    • REMEMBER: Some content will be correctly Not Ready, but the system isn't smart enough to know when that is 'correct' or not, so this requires direct communication with page/degree owner.
  • On May 1 (or thereafter, as deemed necessary), Karin Pires will move the system to Stage 2 (in contact with US:IT)
    • IMPORTANT: Browser window MUST remain open until complete (this process will take some time)