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During name change, occasionally accounts have been accidentally deactivated.

If they changed from a short name to a long name or from a long name to another long name, there may be two accounts for them in PaperCut. Search by the user's actual name (example: Jennifer Watson). If multiple accounts are found, choose the one that has $r.<6 digit number> and then cut and paste the users Primary ID and email address into this account. Then delete the other older accounts. If you don't feel comfortable doing this, then put a ticket in EUT's queue and explain that you found multiple accounts. 

Although normally papercut will use the beginning of a person's email, Active Directory can't handle usernames longer than 21 characters, so when PaperCut syncs with AD it will receive the SAM name for those longer account names. Although there was a change in April 2018 to use RILK instead of SAM, because the RILK never changes for a person. this may cause an initial issue, but once the accounts settles to using RILK, then this issue will not reoccur in the future.


example RILK: $r.138021

RILK start with $r. and then have a 6 digit number

example SAM: $q2sb01-4qjhabtlapbc

SAM account names are longer and are generally a mix of numbers and letters


If a user decides to get an account less than 21 characters, then the old PaperCut accounts can be deleted and the next time they login to PaperCut, a new account will be created with the new shorter username.

User changed password

If a the user just changed their password , it is possible PaperCut has not had time to sync the new password. A manual sync could be run by EUT or student can wait until following day to try again.and they have an account name greater than 21 characters, see 2nd paragraph in User has changed name section above.

PaperCut says job printed, but user didn't receive print