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Although normally papercut will use the beginning of a person's email, Active Directory can't handle usernames longer than 21 characters, so when PaperCut syncs with AD it will receive the SAM name for those longer account names. Although there was a change in April 2018 to use base the SAMAccountName on RILK instead of SAMa randomly generated SAMAccountName, because the RILK never changes for a person. this may cause an initial issue, but once the accounts settles to using RILK, then this issue will not reoccur in the future.


example RILK based SAMAccountName: $r.138021

RILK start with $r. and then have a 6 digit number

example SAMrandom SAMAccountName: $q2sb01-4qjhabtlapbc

SAM account names Random SAMAccountNames are longer and are generally a mix of numbers and letters