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Comment: stipend vs additional compensation


titleI have a lot of payments or actions I need to send to payroll. Can I use a spreadsheet?

    1. Yes, a spreadsheet can be submitted for actions of five (5) or more. Visit this site for the appropriate submission of spreadsheets.

titleWhat's the difference between a stipend and Additional Compensation?
  • Stipend: A payment in addition to the base pay for an assignment which is not part of the employee’s ongoing appointment, but which is part of the normal workload, i.e. within the assigned percent of full time. A stipend is used to separate the portion of compensation paid to an employee for the effort and responsibility related to a special assignment. If the special assignment ends, the salary should revert to the salary for the ongoing appointment.
  • Additional Compensation: A payment that is for additional effort, outside the work year or beyond the assigned percent full time.

For details, visit Board of Trustees Policy: