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ESET Antivirus will replace Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection for mac by December 31st, 2018.  Please see Removing Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection for mac for specific details and plan for managed and unmanaged devices.

Table of Contents

Deploying ESET



For managed laptops and desktops running macOS users will have the replacement antivirus deployed automatically.  EUT will create a policy that will automatically uninstall the previous av, Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection (MS SCEP), and install the latest product, ESET.  The policy will be applied to all devices running MS SCEP or not running an antivirus at all.  For users, this process will be mostly silent with the exception of a notification asking them if they would like to start the installation now, or delay until a convenient time to install.  Once the process begins, a notification will appear indicating the policy is running, and finally a notification will appear when the policy has finished.