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titleWhat happens if I approve the time after the deadline?
  • Your employee will get paid automatically on the next available regular payroll cycle (including off-cycle payroll). You do not need to submit the unless you submit a request for an off-cycle emergency paycheck.


titleWhat if the employee entered their time after the deadline but they are okay waiting until the next pay cycle to be paid?
  • Approve the time as soon as possible. The employer (i.e. University) is legally responsible to ensure all non-exempt or hourly-paid employees are paid in full and in accordance with the biweekly payroll schedule. The University must not withhold or delay pay from an employee who did not report their hours worked; therefore, If the employee agrees, they will get paid automatically on the next regular payroll cycle; otherwise, submit a request for an off-cycle paycheck will automatically be processed if the time approval was delayedemergency paycheck.

titleWhat if the time doesn't show up for approval?

The first step in the time approval process is to search for your employees’ payable time. If you’re expecting to see an employee that doesn’t show it could be for a couple reasons:

  1. Time has not been entered by employee; visit Payable Time Detail to view status.
  2. Time could already have been approved; visit Payable Time Detail to view status.
  3. There's an Exception that needs to be reviewed and resolved;
  4. Time was just entered and the Time Administration process has not yet processed the time to Payable status ready for approval. The Time Administration process is scheduled to run nightly and at 10am, noon and 2pm each weekday.
  5. The employee doesn’t fit your selection criteria.
    1. Click Load All and/or View All
    2. Discrepancy in the employee’s record OR
    3. You need to modify your selection criteria


titleWhat do I do if my employee wasn't paid or was underpaid?

Try these common resolutions if employee wasn't paid correctly:

  1. Verify that all hours were submitted and approved by the established deadlines. Review Payable Time Detail.
    1. If hours were submitted and/or approved late , employees will automatically be processed via the Off-Cycle Emergency Payroll Schedulethe employee will get paid automatically on the next regular payroll cycle.  If necessary, submit a request for an Emergency paycheck.
  2. Did the employee sign up for Direct Deposit?
    1. Did they mistakenly select deposit AMOUNT 100 instead of PERCENT 100?
    2. Did the employee check their bank account? Call bank to inquire.
    3. Did they enter the correct bank routing and account information? Call bank to inquire.

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