This walkthrough will be used to assist Student Employment Offices in setting up the Import Export Process via use of the Financial Aid Interface.

This walkthrough was provided by UMF liaisons for Financial Aid and Student employment.

  1. Log in to MaineStreet reach the tiled pages with blue backdrop similar to what is shown below.
  2. Click on the circled NavBar button to make the NavBar appar on your screen.
  3. Follow these breadcrumbs to reach the proper page.
    1. HR NavBar → Navigator → University of Maine System → Payroll → Processes → Financial Aid Interface
  4. Select “Add a New Value” and enter Run Control ID for either Import or Export (will need to do both)
  5. Enter “Report Parameters” for your Business Unit and Import/Export you are creating Click “Run”

  6. Fill in information at top of Scheduler Request 

    Server = PSUNX 

    Recurrence = Choose from drop down list 

    Time Zone= EST 

    Run Date= Ensure Run Date is updated to current date or next day  

    1. Click “Distribution”
  7. Enter Folder Name= General 

    Retention Days= 365 (can cancel schedule when no longer needed) 

    Check “Email with Log” and “Email Web Report” Boxes 

    Enter Subject and Message Text if any 

    If more than one person, separate emails address by semi-colon 

    Enter ID’s for recipients

    1. Click “OK” 

    2. Click “Run”
  8. Scheduled Import/Export can now be seen in Process Monitor 

  9. If you Need to Cancel Scheduled Import/Export, select “Details”
    1. Select “Cancel Request” and then push the "OK" button at the bottom of the screen

We hope that this can assist you in ensuring your Financial Aid information is properly transferring from Campus Solutions to HR for student hires.

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