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Please refer to this guide to assist you in verification and processing of the e-Authorizations that are submitted by end users across campus.

What is the WorkList?
Answer: The WorkList is the application space where all submitted e-Authorizations are viewed and processed from.

How do I Access the WorkList?
Answer: Access to the WorkList needs to be requested by the head of Student Employment per campus.  The request for access can be submitted via Jira Ticket Request

How do I Find the WorkList?
Answer: The breadcrumbs to reach the worklist are as follows

Navigator → WorkList → WorkList

You can also find the WorkList by searching via use of the magnifying glass at the top of the Manager Self Service Page. 

After Clicking on the magnifying glass, make sure the drop-box at the right of the search field says "All" and proceed to type WorkList into the search bar and pushing enter or the double arrow button to the right of the search field.

What does the WorkList look like?
Answer: View the image at the left.

If we break the WorkList down by column we can determine the following information...

  • From = The submitter of the e-Authorization
  • Date From = The date the e-Authorization was submitted on
  • Work Item = This column will always say Approval Routing (If different reach out to Payroll to review.)
  • Work by Activity = (This column will always say  Approval Workflow. (If different reach out to Payroll to review.)
  • Priority = Drop box options consisting of the following...
    • Blank 
    • 1-High
    • 2-Medium
    • 3-Low

You may consider using this to track e-Auths that you have previously reached out to the student and/or supervisor to help you. Possibly escalating it it to 2-Medium or 3-High before denying an e-Auth due to lack of attention from the Employee/Supervisor.

If you use this method in tracking and there are multiple individuals working within the WorkList, it is important to note that the Priority column is specific to each user so because you moved an e-Auth to 1-High your coworker will not see that.

  • Link = This is the link to the e-Authorization that has been submitted and you'll click on this in order to reach the e-Auth and review it for accuracy so that you can Approve it and send it to Payroll.
    Key elements of the link include the following based on the color scheme in the image at the right.

How do I tell when an item is ready for processing?

Answer: When you look at the image to the right you'll notice there is either a [Y] or [N] at the end of each submitted authorization.

[Y] = e-Authorization that has been accepted by the student and is Ready for processing

Authorizations that require the student accept the position prior to verification and sending to Payroll include the following Action Types

  • Hire
  • Additional Job in Department

[N] = e-Authorization that has NOT been accepted by the Student and may not be ready for processing.

Authorizations that can be verified and sent to Payroll even if the job has not been accepted by the student include the following Action Types

  • DEP (Department Change)
  • DIS (Distribution Change)
  • EFF (Effective Date Chance)
  • FUN ( Funding Change)
  • JOB (Job Title/Pay Change)
  • LOC (Location Change)
  • REP (Reports To Change)
  • TER (Termination)

What do I verify on the e-Auth before pushing Approve and sending to Payroll?

Answer: The parts of the submitted e-Authorization you want to pay attention to are as follows

  • Effective Date and End Date = The End Date should match the end of the term designated by the Effective Date. AKA, Academic Year Hire must have an End Date matching that Academic Year the employee is hired within. 
    The same can be said with a Summer Term hire. The end Date MUST match the end of the Summer Term and may not cross over into the coming Academic Year.

    EXAMPLE: Student is hired with Effective Data 10/1/2021
                      End Date must end with the end of the matching Academic Year 5/6/2022 or                      5/7/2022.

    The only time this is not the case is with Terminations which should have a blanket End Date.

  • Credits and View Eligibility = Verify that the student is enrolled in and schedule to be actively attending classes during the duration of hire.

    View Eligibility: If it appears the student is not enrolled in enough credits to be eligible as a student employee at your campus, click on the View Eligibility button for more information regarding the enrolled classes and ensure the student is eligible for Student Payroll. Sometimes if a student is taking classes from multiple campuses, Credits section may not populate fully.

  • Location = There are a handful of Departments across the system which require different Location codes in order to populate the student into the appropriate Time Reporting Group (Dynamic Group) which will impact if the correct Supervisor will be able to approve time for the new student employee.  

    Most departments that require the use of different Location codes for the sake of proper Time Reporting Groups (Dynamic Groups) or reporting will update the Location accordingly and so likely won't be an extensive concern for the Office of Student Employment verification and processing.

  • Distribution Category = It's good to review this to make sure the correct Distribution Category is used per date range of hire. Student Regular for the Academic Year vs. Student Reg Sum for the Summer or FWS 75/25 for the Academic Year vs. FWS SUM 75/25 and other similar instances.
  • Level/Step/Hourly Rate = This section will auto-populate based on the Job Title that was selected. You just want to make sure that, if the Level is 99, there should be a note in the Manger Comments further down the page requesting a specific hourly rate. 

    If NO Hourly Rate is provided, reach out to the submitter so that the e-Auth can be updated before submitting to Payroll for processing.

  • ComboCode = Ensure that a Combo Code has populated in this space. e-Auths should not be able to submitted if no Combo Code has populated but if this does occur, please reach out to the submitter for the correct chartfields before sending to Payroll for processing.
  • Manager Comments = Review any information that has been supplied here by the submitter. Make any updates to the e-Auth that are requested, if possible. 

    It is important that you do NOT make changes to the Hourly Rate unless the Level is 99.

  • Job Accepted by Student = This box MUST be checked for all e-Authorizations that have an Action Type of HIR (Hire) or ADD (Additional Job in Department)
    Student Enrolled in Thesis = If the student is enrolled in a Thesis credit, check this box. You can see if the student is enrolled in a Thesis Credit by clicking on the View Eligibility button which gives a deeper look into the student's enrolled courses.
    Confidentiality Agreement = If the e-Authorization requires the Confidentiality Agreement be accepted, then this box MUST be checked before submitting to Payroll for processing. 

    In the near future, this will become more prevalent in regards to implementations requested by Data Governance.

    Student Applied for Graduation = If the student is enrolled in a Thesis credit, check this box. This is required for students enrolled in less credits than are required for Student Employment eligibility.

When should I Deny an e-Authorization?

Answer: An e-Authorization should be denied...

  1. ... if the submitter reaches out to your office and requests the hire be canceled.
  2. ... if the student reaches out to your office to decline the job.
  3. ... if two weeks have passed and the e-Authorization has not been accepted by the student.
    (In this instance the submitter and student should be notified, likely by email, of the denial to alert them to resubmit if the student is actually working.)