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All regular USM employees (Faculty and Staff) have web publishing available on their user space (aka the "U: drive"). This space is appropriate for published materials that are more individual in nature, rather than part of a department's official website within the USM's Web Content Management System, or CMS.

Files published here are available to the Internet at where USERNAME is your unique user identity.

Publishing on

Place HTML, CSS, and other files in the public.www folder within your user network space. Windows users will see this as U:\public.www.

Alternatively you can use the Secure File Transfer Protocol (sftp) to transfer files to your individual web space on However, to do this, you need to use as the server or host name.

If you are off-campus, or on USM's wireless network, and need to publish to people.usm, the following article FTP Access to Non-CMS Web Sites using FileZilla can also offer some helpful instructions.

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