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  • How to print powerpoint presentations
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When working with Power Point often people want to print multiple slides per page to save paper, to do so:

When using a Mac and printing Power Point Slides:

1. Select the File drop down menu and select print

2. Under Printer Select the Black and White or Color Printer


3. Under Preset select Black and White Two Sided if you want to print on both sides. Note this is not available when using the color printer.

4. At this point look to the right of the print preview picture.  Find Print what and select the drop down menu. From this menu you can choose how the number of slides per page you want.  After selected the print preview picture should reflect your changes. If satisfied click Print.

When Using a Windows PC and printing Power Point Slides:

1. Select the Highlighted File tab in top left of the document page, and click on print, this expands the print options

2. Select the appropriate printer for your print job, either Black & White or Color.  Note the double sided print feature is not available in color.

3. Under the settings the first drop down menu allows you to print on one side by default, if you select it a dropdown menu will give you options to print on both sides.

4. Also under settings is a drop menu to select the option under handouts to print multiple slides per page.  Select the number of slides you would like.  Once you do this the print preview should reflect your changes.  If satisfied click Print.

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