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Webform module updated

The Webform module was updated in Release 2.13, with several enhancements, including:

UMS Information Security standards specify the appropriate handling and storage of various types of information and resources.

Please be aware that web site publishers must not use CMS Webforms to collect Compliant Data.

If you have questions regarding the classification of information you are collecting via a Webform and whether it meets the definition of Compliant Data, contact your department head.

Webforms make it easy to get basic information from visitors about contact information, event feedback and other information. The most common example of a Webform is the "Contact Us" form (example at right).

Like Galleries, Webforms have two core pieces:

Webforms are intended to be easy to create and they require no coding knowledge, but it is important to follow these basic steps:

  1. Create and save the Webform Placeholder
  2. Edit the Email Settings
  3. Edit the Form Settings
  4. Add the desired Form Components
  5. Test the form
  6. Publish the form

Additional features include:

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