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You may add audio files to your content by providing the URL to the location of the audio file. Like Embedded Video, any audio files must already exist on the USM media server (see note, below) before the content type is created.

Once created, the audio will be displayed with a standard interface (note: the user no longer needs QuickTime or any other plugin):

The fields for this type are:

  • Title
    Heading for audio
  • Body
    Any description of the audio file.
    NOTE: If available, it is often helpful to provide text transcriptions, in case of any problems accessing the audio file.
  • Audio URL
    Full URL (including "http://...") of the desired audio file
    NOTE: Audio files should be located on the media server (""), but the following podcast services are also currently supported: odeo, Podcast Alley, podOmatic.

    Using the media server

    To request an account on the media server, please place a ticket with the Help Desk. Once confirmed, you will be provided information on how to log in and manage files.

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