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News Items appear on the group homepage above Events (if present). The 10 most recent News Items will display in the homepage carousel, followed by a 'See all news' link which brings users to the list of all News Items. They are automatically included on the site-wide News & Events page, but they differ from Events in a two important ways:

  1. News Items are automatically dated when they are published (see Scheduling Content)
  2. News Item excerpts appear on the group home page

Generally speaking, News Items refer to the past and Events are in the future.

Create a News Item

  • Title:(Required) Title of News Item
  • Body:(Required) Use the Text Editor to enter the description, images, etc.
  • Excerpt:(Required) A short summary of the news item, used in the home page listing
  • Teaser Image:(DEPRECATED) DO NOT USE - For old theme only
  • Teaser Image - Large Format: Image to be used in listing 
    • Minimum dimensions: 500x286
    • Appears in Homepage, Excerpt and Detail views

Avoid duplicating images

Do not add a copy of the Teaser Image to the Body of the News Item, as it will appear twice:

Homepage view:

Excerpt view:

Detail View:

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