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A video can be embedded in the CMS as either its own content block or within existing content.

Creating/Uploading your own videos

All USM videos should be posted to USM's official YouTube account. Contact the Office of Marketing for assistance.

Sample Embedded Video Content:

Create new content block/page

Click the Create Embedded Video (YouTube) link on the Admin Tools menu to bring up the following options on the Embedded Video edit screen:

  • Title: (Required) This is the title of the video (ignore Video Title, below)
  • YouTube URL: (Required) The 'Share' URL for the desired video taken from the YouTube site (see Get video URL, below)
  • Video Title: (NOT USED) This field is not visible to the user
  • Video Description: (NOT USED) This field is not visible to the user
  • Full Description:  Enter any desired text or description to accompany the video

An Embedded Video content block is essentially a page devoted solely to a video, rather than including it inside existing content (see Embed within existing content, below). This is most effective when the video itself will be referenced by multiple other pages or locations, meaning the other pages can simply link to the single video, rather than adding the video to each of the other pages.

Embed within existing content

Pasting the video URL (see Get video URL, below) into the body of a Text Editor entry of most of the other content types will automatically embed the video at that point in the content, with a preview image of the video, ready to play.

Leave URL as plain text

Paste ONLY the text of the URL into the desired location. Using the External Links functionality will create a standard text link to the video on YouTube, and will not show a preview of the video.

Videos may also be added to Promo Items.

Get video URL

  1. Navigate to desired video on YouTube
  2. Copy the URL in the browser's Address bar

DO NOTE USE the 'Share' URL found beneath the video, as this causes inconsistent experience.

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