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Image Positioning

The default position for images is lined up with the base of any text next to the insert location, with no text wrapping. You may also choose to 'float' the image to the left or right of the text, allowing the text to wrap around it (see instructions, below).


Adjusting the image position

To adjust the positioning,

  1. Select the Image you would like to position by clicking on it.

    Note the width of your image size, as it will affect the type of positioning you want to select. You can do this by looking at the dimensions of the image in the file browser.

  2. Select from the following menu item in the menu: 'Format' then 'Formats' in the drop-down menu. Then select the positioning based on the width of your image.

    1. Full size (min. width 910px)
    2. Large, Float Left (700px - 909px)

    3. Large, Float Right (700px - 909px)

    4. Medium, Float Left (400px - 699px)

    5. Medium, Float Right (400px - 699px)

    6. Small, Float Left (100px - 399px)

    7. Small, Float Right (100px - 399px)

After you select the image positioning format the image may move but will not show it's changed position. You will only see the changed position in the "View" state once you save the content change.

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