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User Roles

The Web CMS has 3 primary roles:

  • Group Member
  • Group Publisher
  • Group Admin

Users may belong to one or more Groups, and one or more roles within a group.



Create Content

Publish Content

Manage Users

Group Member

Group Publisher

Group Admin


The Group Admin role should be reserved for regular faculty and staff employees of the university. Do not give Group Admin roles to any user who is not faculty or staff, since that user will then have complete control over the group site, including the ability to remove all other users (such as other Group Admins).

Catalog-specific roles

Roles pertaining to the management of the academic catalog (editing degrees, etc.) are discussed here.

View Members

View the Members of a given group in one of two ways:

  1. From the My Groups screen, click the View Members link for the desired group
  2. From within a group, click the Group Member List link in the Admin Tools menu 

Add Members

Member is the lowest permission level. Members can author content, but cannot publish it. They cannot manage the list of site users.

To add members to your site:

  1. Choose the Add members tab
  2. Type in the UMS ID of each user
    NOTE: Multiple users may be added, with each ID separated by a comma (",")
  3. Click Add users.

Note: Before users may be added to a group, they must first login to the CMS once (at


Assign Roles

Publisher is the next permission level. Publishers can author and publish content, but they cannot manage the list of site users.

Only Admin users may assign roles.

To grant a member the Publisher role:

  1. Click the Configure roles tab
  2. Check the group publisher checkbox next to the user’s ID
    NOTE: un-checking the box will revert the user to a Member role
  3. Click Save

The Catalog Editor role allows users to edit content for inclusion in the catalog. Follow the same process as for granting the Publisher role, but check the catalog editor box, instead.

Grant Admin Status

Admin is the highest level of permission available. Group Admins may author and publish content. They may also add members, grant Admin status to members, and remove members from the group entirely.

IMPORTANT: The Admin role is reserved for regular USM staff members and should be granted with caution.

To grant/revoke Admin status:

  1. Choose List
  2. Click Admin: Create next to a user’s ID
    NOTE: Clicking Admin: Remove will remove the Admin role from a current Admins
  3. Confirm this decision on the following screen

Remove Members

Only Admin users may remove members from a group.

To permanently remove a user from a group:

  1. Choose List
  2. Click Remove next to a user’s ID
  3. Confirm this decision on the following screen

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