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Department Carousel Slide exampleDepartment Carousel Slides populate the subsite homepage with informational or promotional content within a carousel widget and may contain links to other content. A maximum of 6 slides may display at one time.

See also: Department Information Blocks


  • Title:(Required) Up to 60 characters
  • Image:(Required) Minimum dimensions 910px x 575px
  • Caption:(Required) Plain text, of up to 200 characters
  • Button Label: Select from list of options:
    • Learn Moree
    • Read More
    • Register Now
    • RSVP Now
    • Apply Now
    • Buy Tickets
    • Get Started
    • Browse Courses
    • Sign Up Now
  • Button Destination: full URL to destination 
    • Max 255 characters
    • Must be manually entered with the non-CMS URL
    • See Exceptions of Managing Links, for more info
    • Button will only display if both the Button Label field and the Button Destination field have values
  • Weight:(Required) Indicates order (0=first, 6=last)
    • Defaults to 0
    • Multiple slides with same Weight will be ordered according to Publication Date
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