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Google GroupListserv
can have customized name
( by individual or by administrator)
can have customized name
(following naming protocol
send mail to many members and non-memberssend mail to many subscribers (must be subscribed to receive mail)
users can post to a specified group of readers (members); members can respondsubscribers, if permitted, can post to the entire list; all subscribers can respond, if permitted
can be setup by individual ("owned" by individual) or administrator ("owned" by System)requires setup by an administrator
messages can be assigned for response; any member can respondany subscriber can respond if permitted
membership easily managed by owners/managers via Google Groups interfacemembership managed by subscriber or list owner via
messages automatically saved as part of group mailboxarchived messages not easily accessed

To create by individual: go to Groups, create, follow steps

To create by System: submit request to Tech Support, assigned to EAST;
include campus, department name, initial manager/owner name, description of Group.
After creation, settings need to be carefully reviewed to finalize the setup. (see "Using Google Groups" for more information on reviewing settings)

To request a list users should use this Google Form.

All choice points are explained there.
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