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  • Add a space for Student Submissions (faculty)
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Create a roster in Excel, for example, with all student email addresses for the course for which you are creating a submission space.

Go to the portal or to MaineStreet Faculty Center to get your roster.



Download an Excel roster.


MaineStreet Faculty Center:

Select the appropriate class roster.

At the bottom of the roster click "Notify All Students" and then copy (Ctrl C) all the addresses in the BCC area. (These will be pasted into the "Invite People" address area.)

Close the MaineStreet message window without sending.

Create a folder in  New, Folder. For the Invite People box, go to your roster (see above) and highlight the email addresses of the students, copy (Ctrl C), then click in the Invite People space and Paste (Ctrl V).

Change the Permission to Uploader.  Click Create.


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