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Quick Guides from Zoom 

Zoom has provided quick guides for getting started for Remote Work, Remote Teaching and Remote Events due to the coronavirus. 

Prevent "Zoombombing"

We have created a guide to prevent Zoombombing, where uninvited participants join a meeting and disrupt it.

Passcode and Meeting Waiting Room Information

As of July 19, 2020, for security, Zoom requires that meetings have either a passcode set or the waiting room enabled. If meetings do not have passcodes set then the waiting room will be enabled automatically. By using the waiting room feature, attendees are required to wait until admitted to the meeting by the meeting host. Hosts can admit attendees one by one or at once. 

Update Zoom

Zoom has been regularly updating its application in response to Zoombombing and other security flaws.  Below are instructions to update the Zoom application on University-owned computers.

Note - The option to update Zoom is only available via the Zoom desktop application, not via the MyCampus Portal.

Getting Started


US:IT Support Services Center

Zoom's Help Center

Zoom's Help Center

Zoom's Help Center is a great self-service resource designed to help address many of the “how to” and troubleshooting questions users encounter. Users can simply search key words to help guide them to the most appropriate articles and resources.

Zoom's Live Support

We have heard that Zoom is experiencing long wait periods during the current crisis.  We recommend reaching out to first.

Zoom Support Hours: "Support Hours" are 24/7, including Public Holidays, where agents or technical engineers are available for email or live support

  • Chat w/ Zoom support (Best for Quick Questions):

Users are able to chat with Zoom's live agents when logged into Zoom's web portal or on Zoom's Help Center site by clicking on the Help icon that is usually located on the bottom right corner of each web page. If a question requires deeper engagement or follow up, a ticket may be opened on the user’s behalf.

  • Dial-In assistance: US: +1.888.799.8854 (or) +1.650.397.6096 ext. 2

Zoom List of International Call-in Numbers

Zoom List of International Call-in Numbers

This page requires sign-in with your UMS account to see the available numbers.

Zoom Client for Meetings Download

Zoom Client for Meetings Download

This page contains all download links for Zoom Client, plugins, extensions, etc.

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