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  • Add Accessibility Checker to Ribbon (Office 2016)
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In the top of the ribbon in the “tell me what you want to do…” section type Accessibility Checker.

Figure 1 Accessibility Checker

Select Accessibility Checker and it will open the tool pane on the right side.

Once used once. It will be in the recently used in the “tell me what you want to do…” section.

Right clicking on Accessibility Checker will bring up more options

Select “Customize the Ribbon…”

First, you will have to create a new custom group. This example was placed under the review tab.

Select Review, then click “New Group”

This will create a new custom group.   With the new group selected. Click “Rename…” and type "Accessibility Checker."                                


Now you should have a new empty group. 


 Next in the “Choose commands from:” drop down and select All Commands.


Scroll down and select Accessibility Checker and with your new group still selected on the right, click the “Add>>” button. It will look like this when complete.

Then click “OK”.

Accessibility Checker will now be in the review tab in Word.

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