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  • Enrolling your staff computer in JAMF (Non-DEP)
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A little background

This is the process for enrolling your computer in the university's Apple mobile device management tool, known as JAMF.  As of September 2016, any device newly set up by USIT has been automatically enrolled and this process is unnecessary.  However, if you had your device prior to that date or set it up yourself, it will not be enrolled in JAMF MDM. 

Check if your device is already enrolled

To confirm if your device is enrolled please check the system preferences for a "Profiles" button.  Within profiles, there will be many configurations installed, including the MDM profile which enables management of the computer.

Mac system preferences with Profiles highlighted.Mac system preferences with mdm profile selected.

If your system preferences already has a profiles button and and MDM Profile installed, then your computer is already enrolled.  Computers that are already enrolled and attempt to run the following installer package may notice a failure at the end of the installer that looks like the following.

Installer window with installation error.

Step-by-step guide

If your computer does not have the profiles button in System Preferences, please click the following Box shared link to download the installation package for your campus.  Please note this is for faculty & staff computers owned by the university.  Do not run this on your personally owned devices.  If you manage a lab or classroom, please submit a ticket to the USIT Help Desk for a lab enrollment package.

  1. Download the package for your campus here.
    1. Box download link to enrollment package
  2. Double-click the file unzip the package once on your computer.
    1. Downloaded enrollment zip file
    2. Unzipped enrollment package
  3. Double-click the package file and following the on-screen prompts to begin enrolling.
    1. Initial package installer launch screen.Installation confirmation to begin installinginstallation progress bar
  4. In the event that your installer window displays a failure upon completion, it is likely your computer is already enrolled.  Disregard this message.
    1. Installation failure message.

 Notice to USM users

USM Mac users have been sent a friendly reminder to enroll their computers, directing them to visit the USM portal. When visiting the portal, they will be presented with an announcement and a "Learn More" link. Click the link to be sent to page instructing users to download the package installer.

USM Portal announcement to enroll, with block highlighted.USM Portal with the jamf enrollment package link highlighted.