Navigate to :  University of Maine System > Payroll > Use > Retro Distribution of Actuals

Original Distribution 

Once you have selected an employee and a pay period, the page will display the original distribution for that pay period by earnings code and account.   This section will always show the distribution as originally processed.

Adjusted Distribution

Under “Adjusted Distribution”,  the original distribution and all subsequent adjustments will be displayed.  Any prior adjustments will show the Process Date and Batch ID.  If the Batch ID is missing, the transaction has not yet been fed to General Ledger.

You may change the current distribution by replacing the account code(s) and adding or deleting rows as necessary to create the correct distribution.  The new distribution must have the same total as the original for each earnings code.  This page is not for earnings code changes.

Save your changes.  Accounting entries to correct the distribution to the desired account code(s) will feed to GL once per day.  GL will show detail in the usual manner.  GL Journal Line Description will be Payroll Entry - Retro.

After your changes are saved, the Adjusted Distribution section will show the changes you have made with a Adj in Status column. Once the GL feed has been processed, the Processed column will indicate the date and a Batch ID will appear in the Batch ID column.