UPDATE:  The Memorandum of Understandings with Labor unions have expired so COVID Admin Leave for Hourly employees is no longer available effective January 1, 2023.

Description:  COVID Administrative Leave is used in accordance with the following guidance:

COVID Leave is compensated at straight pay and should be entered for regularly scheduled hours in which employees are not able to work. Unlike normal Administrative Leave, employees will not receive both straight pay for the time worked as well as COVID leave pay. Additional pay is not granted to employees who were not scheduled to work.  COVID Leave will not deduct hours from your sick leave balance.

Staying Home During the Leave: 

Employees normally not scheduled to work will not receive any additional pay and should not report time for that period.

Working During the COVID Leave Period: 

Employees working during the leave period need to properly enter their time so they are correctly compensated. Time worked, even if it was remote, should still be entered as Regular.  Time not worked should be entered as COVID.

If the employee normally works an 8 hour shift but was only able to work for four hours, hours should be reported as 4 hours of Regular and 4 hours of COVID. 

Working Over Schedule during COVID Leave: 

When an employee works over their normal schedule, any hours worked in excess of their normal schedule should be compensated at the normal overtime rate.  All hours should be reported as Regular.  

If an employee was not able to work their normal schedule for one or more days or shifts, COVID should only be used to make them whole as it relates to their normal schedule.  For example, if an employee who normally works 8 hours a day and was unable to work 6 hours and able to work 2 hours on 3/18 and then was able to work 9 hours on 3/19, should only report 5 hours of COVID to make them whole for the week.  

Working During the Leave Period and Saving Compensatory Time

Since COVID would replace regular hours worked, there should not be an impact on compensatory time.