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Each Campus Solutions Security Liaison within the University of Maine System is responsible for maintaining the security for MaineStreet Campus Solutions and the data associated with their campus' students. Campus Solutions, often referred to as CS, is comprised of modules related to Admissions, Student Financial Aid, Student Financials and Student Records. Access to this data is provided according to each user’s work responsibilities. 

Why do we have security around student data?

The restrictions on who should have access to student data are outlined by the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). This means that only those employees who need to know certain types of information to perform their duties will have access to that information. These restrictions ensure that student information is safe and protect the rights of our students.

Requesting MaineStreet Campus Solutions Access

Employees who are required to access student information to perform their duties must be assigned the proper security roles. To obtain appropriate access, employees must:

  • Successfully complete the FERPA Training module with a minimum score of 80. The FERPA training is included in the UMS Academy Compliance Track for Employees (also available in the Campus Portal launchpad). This step requires UMS login credentials.
  • Submit the access request form along with the FERPA Training certificate of completion.

Submitting the access request form

Employees of Academic Offices (i.e., Departments and Colleges)

Faculty and staff within the academic departments and colleges have similar types of access to MaineStreet student information.  Access to the online request form is provided below, or from the appropriate Campus Solutions Security Liaison upon request.

       Note:  Failure to request MaineStreet access will prevent new faculty/instructors from accessing class rosters and grade rosters.

Employees of Administrative Offices

Employees within the various administrative offices may have duties unique to that office. Examples of administrative offices include Admissions, Financial Aid, Bursar, Student Affairs, and Library. The same form should be used to request access, but select the "Other" option when completing the portion of the form for "What is your role in your academic area".  In addition, include the details of the required access in the provided text box. 

Security for employees changing jobs and/or responsibilities

Occasionally, a modification is required to MaineStreet access for existing employees.  Requests for changes should submitted using the Access Request Form below and completing the appropriate section of the form.

What to expect when an access request is submitted

The user submitting the request has the option to receive an automated email confirming the request.  The supervisor will also receive an email indicating that approval of the request is required.  Once the supervisor approves the request, it is sent to the Campus Solutions Security Liaisons for granting of access.  Contact your academic unit to obtain supervisor name and email address if this information is unknown.

If questions arise during the processing of the request, the responsible Security Liaison may contact the requestor or the supervisor for more information. Once the access is established, the requestor will be notified via email.  

Do you have more questions about access to Campus Solutions?

Visit our FAQ page for more information. As new questions arise, they are added to the FAQ page for your reference.

Get Started! 

Fill out the online Access Request Form.

Have Questions or Need Guidance?

Please contact the appropriate Campus Solutions Security Liaison with questions regarding access to student data in MaineStreet.

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