This lesson explains how to set up a saved printing preset on a Mac for an Océ Variolink 3622, 4222, or 5022 network printer, which is the most prevalent departmental printer at USM. With this preset, you'll be able to easily choose a preset to automatically print and staple a two-sided document which will minimize fussing with settings. This assumes that you've already installed the Océ printer driver software for your model, and that you've manually added your department's printer to your Mac.

01. Navigate to the Page Setup screen

Depending on the program, this is usually found in the menu bar with File > Page Setup or File > Print > Page Setup

02 - Select the orientation of the page

The icon on the left with the upright body is referred to as Portrait; the icon on the right is Landscape. For this exercise, choose the more common Portrait, and press OK.

03 - Find the drop-down menu with program-specific and/or printer-specific choices

In this example from Microsoft Word, the drop-down menu defaults to Copies and Pages. In Adobe Reader, you will have to choose File > Print > Printer (beginning at the menu bar) to get to to a similar screen. Click and hold on this drop-down menu, and you'll see a variety of options.

04 - Choose the printer-specific menu that you want to modify. In this example, choose Layout / Finish

If you're printing to the most common network printer at USM, it will be an Océ Variolink 3622, 4222, or 5022 black-and-white printer (and photocopier), you'll want to choose Layout / Finish, which will let you alter some paper-handling options*.* On most Hewlett Packard Laserjet printers, you'll choose Layout.

05 - Set printing on one or both sides, and choose how the document would be bound.

First, select the small Layout tab underneath Layout / Finish. Under Print Type, choose 2-Sided. Under Binding Position, choose Left Bind. These will be the most common choices for specifying how most portrait documents will be arranged when printing on both sides. If you had a document printed in landscape mode, you'd most likely choose the Top Bind binding position. (Imagine holding a multi-page landscape document that's printed on two sides in your hand. To turn the stapled first page, you'd flip up the long bottom edge, and the second page (on the back of the first page) would appear right-side up.)

06 - Choosing the stapling option, and setting the position of the staple

Select the Finish tab, check the box to staple the document, and choose the Left Corner position for the staple. (Not all staple positions will work.) If you're ready to print, choose Print. But if you're trying to save this series of complicated steps as an easy-to-use printing Preset choice, do NOT press Print.

07 - Saving a Preset

Instead of pressing Print, choose the Presets drop-down menu and select Save Current Settings as Preset. In the next window, you can name the preset with a descriptive title, and choose whether it applies to all printers or the specific printer you've chosen. We suggest that you select just the specific printer since many ofther printers won't have these advanced paper-handling capabilities. In this example, you can see that two presets have already been created (manually) for the Variolink VL3622 for two-sided printing, stapling, and paper orientation. After you've saved your newly-created preset, you're ready to print.

08 - If your department uses photocopier/printer account codes, you won't be able to print unless... follow the directions here for entering and saving Océ Account Codes.