Printing at USM

The University of Southern Maine has printing for students available in many of the computer labs in Gorham and Portland.

To do so you must:

1. Have a valid student ID

2. Have money in the form of Husky bucks

3. Have a valid USM user ID and Password

If all three of these are meet you are ready to print!

Three steps are required to print from a USM computer

1. Press print, Box 1 will pop up asking the user to enter their USM ID and Password (same as Gmail, Mainestreet, Blackboard)

2. Box 2 will open asking the user to select single sided or double sided printing

3. Box 3 will open asking the user to select where to send the print job to

Printing Facts and Tips:

- B/W printing is 4 cents per page

- Color printing is 25 cents per page

- Most of the labs on campus can only print on Letter size 8.5" x 11" paper

- Try to always avoid printing from inside a webpage, attempt to download/save the document to the computer, then print