Cannot remove first instance of multiple-day event


A user creates an Event with 2 or more dates (see Fig. 1). After the event has been created, the user decides (due to bad weather, absent speaker, etc.) that the first date entry of the event needs to be cancelled. When the user edits the event, removing the date and time values for the first entry and clicks Save, an error is received: "Field Event Date and Time From date value #1 is required" (see Fig. 2).


To delete the first of a series of required fields:

  1. Move the first entry to a position other than first (see Fig. 3)
  2. Save the form
  3. Click the "Edit" tab
  4. Delete the values for the old first entry (see Fig. 4)
  5. Save the form

Note 1: If the user has already received the error message, clicking the "Edit" tab again will revert the content to the last saved version, removing the error. Then proceed with steps 1-6 above.
Note 2:  This process is only necessary to remove the first of a series of required items. Removal of successive items does not require these steps.

Fig 1: Event with multiple dates
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Fig 2: Error message when trying to delete first entry ("9/14/2011")
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Fig 3: Reordering of first entry ("9/14/2011") to a later position (second, in this example).
Note: The asterisk next to the "From date" indicates which entry is the original first entry. This will change after the Event is saved.
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Fig 4: Event saved after re-ordering.
Note: Asterisk has passed to new first entry ("10/25/2011"). Now user may clear and delete original first entry ("9/14/2011").
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