The Content List presents a searchable, sortable, filterable list of all content for a group.

The Content List is found by clicking the List link from the My Groups page, or the Group Content List link in the Admin Tools menu.

All group users may view and search the content for the group. Publishers and Admins may use this screen to publish or unpublish items.

Search Results

The following information is presented for each item:


Select one or more of the content types in the scrollable Type list, then click Apply to limit the results accordingly.


Click any of the result titles to re-sort the list.


  1. Mark the checkbox of one or more item(s)
  2. Click either Publish the most recent pending version or Unpublish, as desired

The list shows whether an item is currently published or not, but not whether it has any pending revisions (a change that was saved but not published); therefore,

  • If the Title was updated in a pending revision, the update will not appear in the Content List until it has been published
  • The Last Update field indicates the last saved activity on the item, whether that was a publish date or a more recent pending revision