To link to files (PDFs, etc., for users to view/download) in a Body or other Text Editor field (see Archive Using the Text Editor):

  1. Click the Insert/edit external link button
    NOTE: Even though the files will be located in the CMS, they are not considered 'Internal' content to be linked to, so you must use the 'External' linking method
  2. In the pop-up window, click the small icon to the right of the Link URL box
  3. A File Browser pop-up window will appear, showing your sub-site's available documents
    * If your file has not been uploaded: click Upload and browse for the file

    See File Browser for more info, including how to replace existing files

    Remember, files may not be larger than 8 MB.

  4. Select the desired file and click Insert file to close the File Browser pop-up

  5. The Link URL field will be populated with the URL to the file

    Once you have selected the file from the File Browser window, do not edit the Link URL field. Doing so may result in a broken link.

  6. Complete the link info (Title, Target, etc.) and click Insert (or Update, if editing existing link)

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