When published, Slideshow Slides appear at the top of the Group Home page. The images and their captions will rotate in a continuous cycle. Individual slides may be accessed via numbered links beneath the slide.

There may be up to 11 separate slides, but it is best to use 3-5 slides, to ensure visibility.

If there are no published slides, the slideshow placeholder will be replaced by the content beneath it on the page.
See the Without Slideshow section of Sub-Site Layout Options, for examples

Create a Slide

Slides have an image, a caption and a weight, with optional entries for a link and alternate text.

  • Title: (Required) For your reference only; not displayed to viewers
  • Image: (Required) Upload from your computer, or File Browser to select from an image previously uploaded to the CMS
    - See Image size requirements, below
    - See Managing Images, for editing tips
    - Remember Alternate Text for each slide (see Image Attribute Guidelines)
  • Link: (Optional) If entered, will bring user to specified page when image or caption is clicked
    - Must be manually entered with the non-CMS URL
    - See Exceptions of Managing Links, for more info
  • Caption: (Required) Text visible to the right of the slide
    - About 150 character limit, depending on text
    - See ?Image Attribute Guidelines for examples
  • Weight: (Required) Indicates order, from 0-10 (0 = first, 10=last)
    - Defaults to 0
    - Remember to select a weight for each slide: If multiple slides have the same weight, they will be ordered according to when they were first created, which is not always clear (lower Node numbers in the Content List indicate older items)

Image size requirements

Though Slideshow Slides are displayed at 550x244 pixels, submitted images must be AT LEAST 551x245 pixels in size, though not much larger (see below)

  • Larger images will first be resized down to 550 pixels wide
  • If the resulting image is then taller than 244 pixels, the extra content will be cropped, as with the heads and feet of these penguin: