User Management

Note: before you can add users to your site, they must login to the CMS once.

Contributors to your site will have one of three statuses: Member, Publisher, or Admin. Group Admins can perform the user management tasks below.

Login to the CMS at and choose My Groups/ View Members.

Adding Members

Member is the lowest permission level. Members can author content, but cannot publish it. They cannot manage the list of site users. To add members to your site, choose the Add members tab. Type in the UMS ID of each user, and click Add users.

Designating Publishers

Publisher is the next permission level. Publishers can author and publish content, but they cannot manage the list of site users. To grant a member the Publisher role, choose Configure roles and check the group publisher checkbox next to the user's ID. Click Save.

Granting Admin Status

Admin is the highest level of permission available. The Admin role is reserved for regular USM staff members and should be granted with caution. Group Admins may author and publish content. They may also add members, grant Admin status to members, and remove members from the group entirely. To grant Admin status, choose List and click Admin: create next to a user's ID.

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