The My Groups page is the default start page for the CMS, with 4 tabs:

My Groups

The My Groups tab lists all the Groups you are a member of.


The Groups tab lists all the groups that exist within the CMS.

Group Broken Links

This tab lists links that do not work for any content within any group you are a part of, regardless of who created or has since edited that content. The CMS checks links each night, and the screen may indicate that not all links have been checked in the yellow information box.


Whenever possible, use Internal Links within the CMS to minimize broken links

File Browser

The File Browser shows one folder for each Group you have access to. Each folder contains that Group's non-CMS files (PDF files, Excel files, any uploaded images – such as Slideshow Slide images, Gallery Images – etc.).

Use the links at the top to manage the files in each folder.