Basic image editing for the CMS comes under 2 headings:

Basic image editing tools are pre-installed on all Mac and Windows computers:

There are some free, web-based image editors available which can do many of the most common image editing tasks (such as

These external services are not supported by USM.

Resizing (Back to top)

Resizing generally means scaling an image to a smaller visual size (and, by association, a smaller file size). In the CMS, this is usually done to fit a particular region on the page (such as for ?Slideshow Slides), as well as to avoid extremely large images which would increase page load times.

Cropping (Back to top)

Cropping is cutting off parts of an image to fit pre-defined dimensions.The following table shows a full image and a cropped version.

In some cases, such as Slideshow Slides, images are both resized (to fit a minimum or maximum width or height) and cropped (to make sure the final dimensions are exact).

The Basics: On a Mac (Back to top)

Apple's Preview program (on your computer at Macintosh HD -> Applications -> Preview) is a simple, but very capable program for not only viewing files, but for performing some basic graphic editing, too. A good help link from Apple is at:

On this page, under the "Viewing and working with images" section:

You'll find instructions for resizing and cropping a graphic file entitled "Resize an image" and "Crop an image" under the "If you want to - Do this in Preview" table.

The Basics: on Windows (Back to top)

If you have Microsoft Office 97-XP, the Microsoft Photo Editor provides a functional, if not user-friendly interface. The link below details each of the functions of the tool, including cropping and resizing:

If you have MS Office 2003 or newer, Photo Editor has been replaced with Picture Editor. The link below provides instruction for this tool:

Finally, MS Paint comes with all versions of Windows. The most recent version is documented here: