Staff now have 9 new fields that are only used by sites using the Responsive Theme:

  • Photo - Large Format (optional)
  • Academic Degrees (optional -- unlike Faculty)
  • Areas of Expertise (optional)
  • Areas of Scholarship (optional)
  • Presentations (optional)
  • Creative Activity (optional)
  • Performances (optional)

  • Awards and Recognition (optional)

  • Professional Activities (optional)

More info here

Staff pages contain basic contact information, as well as the option to include more detailed biographical information and the ability to upload images and resume files.

Staff pages, like Faculty pages, are automatically included on the sub-site's People page, as well as on the full Faculty and Staff Directory pages, as soon as they are published (and removed when unpublished).


  1. Complete and Current: Be sure to update phone changes, etc.
  2. No page, No search: Faculty members without pages will not be found in a search within the CMS (unless separately listed in other content)
  3. Multiple entries necessary: Faculty teaching in different departments must have separate pages for each department site

Creating a Staff page

Add a Portrait Image

Images on faculty/staff bio pages must be at least 148 x 178 px (vertical) and no larger than 2 MB.

Images larger than 148x178 will be resized and cropped to fit.

Images larger than 148x178 will first be resized down to 178 pixels high. If the resulting image is then wider than 148 pixels, the extra content on the right side of the image will be cropped (cut off)

See Also: Managing Images