Academic, Administrative, Center, Project and Hybrid Portal sites may customize the lower section of their left-side navigation using the Department Navigation Additional Links content type.

IMPORTANT: The Department Navigation Additional Links node is accessed from the Content List (select 'Department Additional Navigation Links' from the 'Type' filter, click Apply, click node titled "Additional Site Navigation Links")


Each group of links has two sets of fields: Primary and Secondary. Primary items are the 'top-level' or 'parent' items and Secondary are the 'children'. Any blank items will be ignored.

Add internal links

Click the 'Search' link beneath or next to each 'URL' field to search for a given published node/page/event/etc.

Add links to files

  1. Upload the file using the File Browser tab of the main CMS login screen (make sure you add it to the proper folder!)
  2. Double-click the uploaded file (a new tab/window will open)
  3. Copy the URL from the address of the new tab/window
  4. Paste that URL into the desired URL field of the "Additional Site Navigation Links" node

Delete links:

Simply clear out the relevant 'Label' and 'URL' fields

The '5x5' Structure

Site may have a minimum of 0 additional links, a maximum of 5 groups of 5 links each, or any combination thereof. See examples below.

Putting all your links into the left-side nav can quickly become unwieldy and off-putting for end users. Wherever possible, use 'jump' pages, which also have more flexibility

Example 1: 5 'top-level' links

Example 2: 25 links in groups of 5

Example 3: Sample combination of above