Because of the Catalog Editor suspension, the Catalog process is different this year. 

Revised Process

The difference is functionally minimal, but perceptually significant. Basically, Catalog Managers will do their work during Stage 1 (which will be extended to accommodate), Stage 2 will be solely for menu management (and therefore greatly truncated), and Stage 3 will be the normal Catalog Admin Review.

NOTE: Individual departments are still making their changes, but not in the CMS directly. Catalog Managers were provided a Word Doc version and a Google Doc version (see US:IT for more info). They are responsible for sharing the version of their choice to their departments, gathering all the changes back, and making all the changes in the CMS.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3


US:IT Involvement

Assuming all goes well, the elements of direct US:IT Involvement in this process will be:

  1. Creating new Catalog Pages or Catalog Degrees, as requested by Karin Pires
  2. Removing the Catalog Editor role from Halen Earle (and any other Catalog Editors) on March 31
  3. Prepping the Catalog Menu at the beginning of Stage 2
  4. Setting all Stage 2 Catalog Content to 'Approved'
  5. Deleting any Migrated Catalog Pages or Degrees during Stage 2 or 3, as requested by Karin Pires

Apart from these items, any involvement should be in an advisory/support capacity (this is only Karin's second time publishing the catalog).