Software Installation

Following the Configuration Manager upgrade to Configuration Manager 1702 (Summer 2017), the University Application will be replaced by Software Center for Windows 10 and Windows 7 machines in UAD. Software Center is available to users who have a machine in the UAD domain. It will be the way users can download and install University approved, packaged and supported software. 

To open up Software Center, search for Software Center in the search box near the start menu.

Screenshot showing search results from typing Software Center in the search box.

Click on Software Center to open.

Software Center window showing Applications (displays Mozilla Firefox, Git for Windows, Adobe Reader, etc)

Installation Status

Under Software Center's Installation status pane, there is a list of applications installed through Software Center, those applications that failed to install and installations currently in progress.

Software Center with Installation status h selected in the left column, showing Git for Windows has status of installed.


Under Software Center, Updates there is a list of Updates that have been pushed to the machine by Configuration Manager.

//TODO add screen shot after June update Jennifer Watson

Operating Systems

Device Compliance

Software Center's Device Compliance pane displays the hostname as seen in Configuration Manager, compliance status and when it was last checked. It also has a button to Check compliance, which will check the machines compliance against applicable compliance baselines in Configuration Manager.

Software Center's Device Compliance pane as described in text above.


Software Center's Options pane is where Work hours can be set and it can be set up to automatically install required updates and restart outside of the work hours.

Software Center Options pane showing Work Iformation and Computer maintenance sections expanded.


Changes to Software Center and Application Catalog (Requires Confluence login)