Find new course shells in Brightspace and distinguish between migrated courses from Blackboard and new course shells for future terms in Brightspace.

Here's how:

Follow these steps and terminology.


  1. New Course Shells

    1. These shells are newly created for courses to be delivered in future terms. These shells only have default content until the Faculty starts building or populating them with new content.

  2. Migrated and Converted Course Shells

    1. These are courses previously delivered on Blackboard that have been migrated to Brightspace and converted (translated) to be experienced in Brightspace. 

Course ID Prefix for Both Terms

  1. Summer 2020: Prefix= 2030.UMS01

  2. Fall 2020: Prefix= 2110.UMS01

Search for Courses

  1. From the bottom of My Courses, click View All Courses

  2. Search for the full Course ID or Title to find a specific course

Another method is to locate the global navigation bar at the top of the page. Click the Course List icon. It is the icon that looks like a grid, or is sometimes called a “waffle”.

This will display a list of all the past and present courses for which you have access. Click on the name of a course to access it.

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